The contemporary calendar

Studying the contemporary celebration customs in modern Latvia, the researchers of the Archives of Latvian Folklore turn to the individuals’ personal calendar. How many special days are in there – days that are not just regular working days; days when something is celebrated? Which of the holidays – state, church, traditional seasonal festivals – are included by the individuals in their ritual year? What festivities and celebrations they introduce themselves? To what extent annual cultural, sports or local community events are included in our life? If and how birthdays and name’s days, wedding anniversaries, remembrance days are celebrated? Become a calendar day reviewer for a whole year’s length! Mark each day that is spent not in a work routine alone. Choose a date and tell: what, how and why is celebrated!

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In conclusion mark one of the options– whether these are personal, family, state, remembrance, seasonal or other festivities. Submit and continue with the next date.

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